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CUT, MAKE, TRIM (CMT) manufacturing is a service we offer in which your designs are basically cut, made, and finished into finished products. Before manufacturing, the factory will need your specifications, tech packs, fabric, pattern, and stitching needs. Our CUT, MAKE, TRIM (CMT) manufacturing service encapsulates the transformation of your designs into exquisite finished products. Prior to the manufacturing process, we collaborate closely with you, ensuring that your specifications, tech packs, fabric selections, patterns, and stitching preferences are meticulously incorporated. CMT manufacturing stands as an ideal solution for designers seeking to augment their production quantities while retaining the essence of their small-scale approach. By opting for CMT, you retain authority over critical factors such as fabric choices, swing tags, labels, and packaging, preserving your unique touch throughout. Furthermore, the efficiency of this approach empowers us to significantly reduce lead times, catering to the demands of even the most discerning retailers.

Manufacturing Services, FPP Services At Promo Concepts


FULL PACKAGE PRODUCTION (FPP) refers to a complete package solution from the manufacturer, as the name would imply. They start with an introductory consultation, develop patterns, find fabrics and trims, make samples, and guide you through the entire garment-making process. Embracing the concept of FULL PACKAGE PRODUCTION (FPP) means embracing a comprehensive solution that encapsulates every aspect of garment creation. From the initial consultation and pattern development to fabric and trim sourcing, sample creation, and navigating the intricate garment-making journey, FPP is your partner every step of the way. Our approach goes beyond the essentials; we take charge of the entire CMT (CUT, MAKE, TRIM) procedure while also incorporating design expertise, fabric selection, and technical specifications. The advantages of FPP manufacturing are multifaceted. Harnessing the manufacturer's economies of scale empowers you to benefit from competitive pricing for materials, particularly for staples like denim or t-shirts. Yet, it's crucial to acknowledge that this advantage may place your brand alongside others in utilizing the same materials. With FPP, we seamlessly merge convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality, propelling your brand towards manufacturing success.

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